People's lives are not divided into chapters in a neat little way, and that's true for our heroes' lives as well, but still, it is convenient to divide the campaign into chapters, and see how the story progresses, and what we're dealing with.

Chapter One: The Book of Shadows Edit

Where we meet the heroes of our tale; the ground shakes beneath their feet, and the foundations of the city begin to crack. When our heroes accept a job offer to retrieve a magical ring they find themselves in the middle of a magical struggle over the secrets of a dead master warlock; and when they find and dismantle the Saboteur's traps, they begin to realize the full extent of the damage the earthquake caused - and the danger all of them are facing...

Chapter Two: The Gala Edit

Dispatching their enemy, our intrepid heroes had to make some deals, shake some hands and repay some people - and that put them right in the middle of the scheming and conniving around the elections and the biggest and fanciest party of the year: The Spring River Gala. Everyone, high and low, were ramping up their efforts to strengthen their position, and finally our heroes had to get in the game and pick a side; although, it's not clear what good that did. With the plague averted, the Lord Mayor missing and the Saboteur gone - can we say the good guys won?

Chapter Three: Family Values Edit

It's the aftermath of the Gala, and our heroes are happy to return to their relative obscurity, if it wasn't for all these meddling relatives... if it's not the family of a dead witch, it's fathers and ex-wives and brothers and sisters, everybody has an opinion, and everybody has a secret - and both are finally being laid out in the open...