The Seamstresses, or "The Fraternity and Sorority of Merchant Taylors" is one of the oldest and most powerful guilds in Temma. Their exact foundation date is unknown, and it is shown they existed in similar form before the White Dragon Empire.

The Merchant Taylors' Hall is found in Threadneedle Street, and it stood there at least 600 years if not more. It is the principal sponsor and organizer of the prestigious biannual "Golden Shears" competition for aspiring young tailors.

The guild also owns several schools and lodges across the city, providing professional education for mostly poor or orphan children and teens, and cheap lodgings for apprentices and young tailors in the early days of their careers. It is rumored the guild teaches and employs close to 3,000 children and teens across the city, and that it maintains discipline and order with its own internal justice system. These rumors has put this guild at odds with the Justice and the Hound several times in the past few decades, but no formal actions were ever taken.

Lady Violet Foyle is the head of the guild.

The guild's motto is In Harmony Small Things Grow