Master Kong Que is a noble of Temma, the last son of an obscure family. He is a grand master of Wind & Water, and has been an adviser to Lord Sun Ma, who was Lord Mayor 40 years ago. He worked on the city's bridges, tunnels, sewer systems, and aquifer systems. Though relatively unknown, he influenced the quality of life in Temma for many people in unseen ways. He was part of the board that designed the water supply system to three neighborhoods, reducing costs to the city at the expense of drinking quality; he was also instrumental in creating "air avenues", that work to prevent "anticyclons" during the winter months, which helps reduce air pollution for coal burning. He was a master of the Waterfall, Bridge & Flowerbed School, and was a candidate for running it. He was also a faculty member at the College for Civic Arts. 20 years ago he suffered from a long illness, and even after recuperating, he did not return to his duties, and maintains a secluded life style.