The Litigators' Law Society of Temma is the association of litigators in Temma who do not work for the City. Litigators who work for the city are under the supervision of the Justice. This Society is not to be confused with the Clubs.

The Law Society is a trade organisation for litigators, it has the right to supervise the training, qualifications and conducts of litigators. The Society plays a significant direct roles in the training, licensing and disciplining of litigators. It can even revoke a person's rights to appear before the Justices.

Litigators who wish to work within the city limits must be members of the Law Society, though not all nobles who finish Law School wish to become active litigators, and those are not forced to be members of the Law Society.

The Law Society sees it as a goal to provide access to justice, and as a result, sometimes offers paid and unpaid legal assistance to the public.

Its motto is Law is the Source of Liberty.