Hans Morgenthau is around 60 years old, though his exact age is unknown. He is a known associate of Lepka, and a figure of some reknown in the Temma underworld.

Hans always dresses in the finest suites; he is a big man, tough, and strong, even if he is 60. His suites are tailored to fit, and but you can easily see his scarred knuckles and criminal tattoos on his forearms, from his street roughing days, and from doing time in prison. He is courteous, direct, honest, has a rich language but a poor accent. He appreciates fine wines and even finer liqueurs, though it will surprise many to know he is not a fan of fancy meals.

Over the years, Hans developed intimate and extensive knowledge of the most discreet places in the Upper City; he knows everyone worth knowing, and can get you in touch with the shadiest characters you'd might like to know. He does not come cheap, and he never works for free - though he will do favors for the right people.