The Guild of Bankers is a professional association for people in Temma who are permitted to lend money, hold accounts, and print promissory notes. The new Guild Hall was built inside an abandoned monastery, and is usually known as simply "the Friars". This name now also extends to members of the guild.

It is well known the Friars turn a blind eye to unlicensed moneylenders, since that is a very profitable business for the Honest Man, and they don't want to mess with him. Rather, their raison d'être is dutifully supervising the manufacturing of promissory notes printing machines, which are Wizard Works machines that supposedly produce notes that cannot be forged. It is the business of the Guild of Bankers to assure the business people of the city that this is indeed the case.

The Guild itself does not serve as a bank, and isn't very wealthy. The largest bank in Temma is the Bank of Temma, which is a private bank, and not owned by the city.