Golden Flower Hospital is a medical facility which includes several units, ironically none of which are healers' clinics.

Its main two units, for which it is most renown, are the Golden Flower Institute for Spiritual Mending and the Golden Flower Institute for the Terminally Ill.

The center for spiritual mending is a mental hospital unit, for treating and housing mental patients and the spiritually afflicted.

The center for the so-called terminally ill is actually where people go to die peacefully, at a reputably significant financial expense.

What makes Golden Flower special among the medical facilities of Temma is a residual magical ambiance which has a noticeable empathic soothing effect. Simply put, the place feels innately serene, though not forcefully so. The origins of this magical effect is unknown, presumably dating back to the White Dragon Empire. It seems to be tethered to the hospital grounds, and has been the site of peaceful worship or medical treatment for hundreds of years.

Although some members of the Faith claim the place is hallowed by divinity, this is historically unsupported, seeing as no proof of inhuman intervention has been found.

It has been built by and continues to run mainly thanks to significant contributions by the House of White Dragon, which implies to many it may be of ancestral importance to the offspring of the dynasty.