The Court of Chivalry, or, in its full name, the Imperial High Court of Chivalry of Temma, is a vestigial remnant of the White Dragon Empire. Originally it was a civil court, but when the empire was dismantled and Temma earned her independent status, the court became a de facto guild.

The decisions of the Court of Chivalry, regarding the status of the noble families of Temma, and the rights and privileges of individuals within those families, no longer have the power of a court order, but they still regain a considerable amount of influence. So far, the Court has chosen not to flaunt its authority over the nobles, for fear that a direct confrontation with the City Courts might cause the city to dismantle it.

The Court is headed by the King of Arms, Lord Lyon. The Court of Chivalry sits at the College of Arms, on Highgate street.