The Company of Clockmakers is one of the guilds of Temma, and one of the Wizard Works Chapter Houses. It teaches Wizard Works to those who pass its exams, and promotes the design, manufacture and use of Wizard Works that fits its particular creed. Unlike most other chapters, the Company of Clockmakers holds to the creed that progress must be directed from above, and that some designs should not be pursued. Despite its more limited portfolio, it is highly regarded due to its Works high level of finish, dependability, and its famous "life-time guarantee".

The Company's motto is "Time is the Commander of All Things"

Upton Hall

The Company's guildhall is Upton Hall, which also houses the Horological Institute of Temma, which is the clockmaking and Wizard Working school attached to the company. Any student who passes the exams may study clockmaking and Wizard Working in HIT, and upon graduation, the graduates are offered apprenticeships in the Company. Those who accept, will eventually become full guild-members. Only guild-members of the Company are allowed to teach in HIT, and those teachers put a great deal of pressure on their better students to eventually join the Company. HIT has a very large technical library, one of the largest in Temma. It is also rumored to have a huge cellar, holding various forbidden and dangerous works. It is a frequent prank among the more senior students to send younger students to look for the cellar door...

The Company is currently headed by John Harrison.